Silo & Bin Cleaning

Dealing with blockages in silos and bins has always been a tedious process, not to mention extremely dangerous if not addressed properly. SR&FS will simplify this tedious process for you and remove your employees from possible harm. Our highly trained personnel will assess the situation, devise a plan of action, and apply the proper equipment and technique to get the job done.  You can rest easy knowing that SR&FS crews have not only been highly trained in silo cleaning, and working in confined spaces, but also confined space rescue trained. In the case where drilling is required we have the ability to drill though extremely hard product from bottom to top or top to bottom, whichever is needed in the current situation. Whether the issue with your vessel be bridging, plugging, caking, or any other type of blockage, SR&FS will handle it so that your vessel is back to work for you.

Horizontal Bin Entry & Vac Service

At SR&FS, safety is always our main concern, and we understand that there will be times that entry must be made into a vessel or silo to eliminate an issue or problem. Our Horizontal Bin-Entry Teams include highly trained rescue professionals on each crew and will arrive on site to execute a plan. All our technicians receive training in-house at our training facility and meet or exceed OSHA and MSHA requirements.

Bin-Whip Services

Our BinWhip® services are provided by our sister company, Specialty Silo Services, utilizing a dual technology BinWhip®.  This offers a safe and high efficiency cleaning capacity in removing large volumes of material buildup in a short amount of time. The dual impact BinWhip® is unique allowing a path to be cut straight through even the most challenging product formations and restoring 100% of your facility’s storage capacity. The BinWhip® is able to be used on all types of stored material including cement, corn, soy, and more.  Visit the their website to learn more!

Specialty Silo Services

Silo Inspections

Storage Vessels can degrade overtime due to usage and weather.  Without knowing if there are any integrity issues they can even collapse overtime. Specialty Rescue and Fire Service offers Silo Inspections to assist in preventing issues or disasters. Inspections include Silos, Feed Mills, Grain Elevators, Batching Towers, Foundations, Towers and Bridges, and miscellaneous structures.

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Have a question about our Services? Call 866-699-SRFS for questions.

Have a question about our Services?
Call 866-699-SRFS for questions.