Classes currently meet or exceed O.S.H.A regulations along with N.F.P.A Regulations

Specialty Rescue & Fire Service offers several classes that offer up to date information along with a unique hands on approach. Each class offers classroom time informing the student of the expectations and the needs associated with preforming rescues and potentially saving a life. Regulations and requirements set forth by OSHA and NFPA are covered in detail in the classroom, helping to prevent fines and litigation. Once the classroom portion is complete and students are confident in their knowledge of the objectives, the “hands-on” portion of the class begins. Our “hands-on” skills are setup to ensure the trainee is proficient in identifying hazards and executing the rescue or loss stop. Each of our instructors are equipped with a confined space simulator built on a thirty-two foot trailer. Our trailers allow students to put their new found knowledge and skills to work by performing scenario based rescues and emergency management. Our main focus is safety and preparation for life and property preservation.

Confined Space Training

During our confined space training the trainee is provided the necessary knowledge to execute efficient rescues and safety while doing it. They will be taught to tie knots, build haul systems, build lowering systems, deploy equipment, and package the patient. Every trainee receiving a certificate will demonstrate each skill and will perform horizontal and vertical rescues. Once the class is complete a written final is given.

-- Confined Space Rescue Technician
-- Confined Space Rescue Annual Refresher
-- Industrial Confined Space Entry
-- Industrial Confined Space Rescue
-- Industrial Confined Space Rescue Annual Refresher

Industrial Hazmat and Incident Command

Attending Hazmat training is an eye opener for a majority of the people we encounter in our classes. Hazardous material response takes great coordination and confident people. Our classes teach the proper response and steps to control the outcome of incidents. Class starts in the classroom with lectures over regulations and referenced materials. The skill portion of the class covers donning SCBA’s, setting up decon, properly putting the Level A and Level B Hazmat suits on, and performing scenario based responses. Each scenario is treated as real as possible with incident command setup and incident reports filled out. During decon, suits are dirtied and students are required to decontaminate them. Each student will be asked to perform a valve repair and stop a leak in a container.

-- Industrial Hazwoper
-- Industrial Hazmat Awareness
-- Industrial Hazmat Operation
-- Industrial Hazmat Technician
-- Industrial Hazmat Annual Refresher
-- Industrial ICS
-- Industrial ICS Refresher

Rope Rescue Training

Rope rescue is a technical class covering ropes, knots and rigging equipment. Instructors will educate the students in repelling, self-rescue, basket packaging, lowers from heights, ascending, and many other skills including safety. This class is fast paced and physically demanding. Once completed the student will have a working knowledge of the equipment and numerous avenues of rescue techniques. Rope Rescue I is a prerequisite of Rope Rescue II.

-- Rope Rescue I
-- Rope Rescue II
-- Rope Rescue Annual Refresher

Trench Rescue Training

One of the most challenging rescues faced is a trench rescue. At Specialty Rescue we break down the steps and instruct the trainee in all associated hazards and safety concerns. The trainees will then be trained on shoring, placement of walk boards, types of soil, capturing the safe zone, and dangers associated with collapse zones. Trainees will then execute scenario based rescues to ensure confidence in the process.

-- Trench Technician
-- Trench Technician Annual Refresher

When weighing your options and determining which training source is best suited for your needs remember:

-- Specialty Rescue & Fire Service provides up to date training, provided by knowledgeable and experienced instructors.

-- Our hands-on training is second to none, you will train with equipment you use for emergency responses.

-- Our simulations and rescues are scenario based and provide the most accurate real life insight available.











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