Confined Space Services

Specialty Rescue & Fire Service is one of the most reliable and versatile confined space service companies in the business today. We provide an exceptional service which includes confined space entry, project guidance, audits, site surveys, cleaning, maintenance/repair and stand-by rescue of any permitted or non-permitted confined space that you may have. Industries that we provide services to include, but are not limited to:

-- Feed Mills
-- Food Processing
-- Railroad (Tank & Hopper Cars)
-- Manufacturing Plants
-- Power Plants

Our technicians are highly trained, experienced in multiple disciplines, and practice use of the highest industry standards. We are extremely serious about safety. Whether full project completion or support of onsite personnel is desired all expectations will be exceeded in a professional manner.

Railcar Cleaning

Railcar cleaning is one of the largest divisions that we have at Specialty Rescue. We provide exceptional service to our clients while also implementing our vast knowledge of hazardous materials and safety which are always involved with the cleaning process of the majority of railcars in service today. We take our quality of service and proficiency of work very serious. Keeping the bar set high in our business is what keeps people safe and clients happy. From brushing out grain hauling hopper cars to scraping out crude oil petroleum cars we always keep safety first. Air quality is always monitored before entry into the vessel and while the work is being performed. Mechanical ventilation is in place when needed. There are few materials in the world today that our staff and crew here at Specialty Rescue cannot handle in a safe and timely manner.

Silo Cleaning and Repair

Along with all the confined space services we offer, we also have a silo division in which we will come to your location and can provide site audits, bin/silo repair and cleaning. All silo division staff have been through a very physical and intricate confined space rescue course as well as a high angle rope rescue course. Whether you have salt, milo, sodium bicarbonate, corn, wheat, coal, etc. we can enter your bin or silo from the top or bottom and remove your product by hand or use our Vac Trailer which is capable of moving up to 5,000 bushels an hour! If your material has become wet and solidified, no problem. We then can setup our Power Lance Pneumatic Drill that we will position at the bottom of the bin or silo, drill upwards into the solidified product and remove it accordingly.

Stand-By Rescue

Our company offers rope rescue, hazardous materials, and confined space stand-by rescue in Texas and the surrounding states. These services are provided on site. We offer 24 hour coverage, as needed, and provide multiple team members to ensure adequate coverage of the hazards within your facility. Rescue team members are triple certified technicians in confined space, rope rescue, and HazMat in accordance with government and federal guidelines.

Hazard Assessment

Hazard Assessments can be performed on your facility to assist you in reducing accidents and making your facility a safer place for your employees. We can perform a complete walk-through to evaluate potential hazards and risks. This service is available for your emergency response, confined space, and other safety programs.

See what our clients have to say about us...

"After completing the classroom portion of the test we were able to use a confined space simulator and perform actual rescues in both vertical and horizontal rescues. We took turns playing the different roles, including the person needing to be rescued. This was a Great course that I thoroughly enjoyed. I found it to be very challenging and rewarding at the same time and left me with some sore muscles afterwards."

-Jerry Carrington
Bimbo Bakeries USA